Chris Remembered

Chris will be remembered for two great loves; Anne, his wife of 25 years and his dogs.  But there was much more to him then these; a Dad to three children, a huge enthusiasm for sport (particularly football) and driving to name a few.  Did you know, for example that Chris was a pool enthusiast in his younger days and won several trophies as well as acting as secretary to the Macclesfield Pool League? He loved coarse fishing and Anne would occasionally be disturbed at some unearthly hour as he packed his waders and went off to Woods Pool in Macclesfield.


Chris was born in Macclesfield (the middle of seven children) and joined the army at the tender age of 17.  He served for 4 years and spent time in Northern Ireland during the troubles and that was something he never forgot.  After leaving the army he lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for a while where he discovered Newcastle United and regularly saw them play at St James Park.  Even after moving back to Macclesfield in his twenties his love for the Magpies continued. 

In August 1977 Chris met Anne and set up home with her, David and Laura.  At this point Chris was a gardener for the local council but he soon found his true calling and started driving HGV’s, something which he did until his death.


In May 1980 Chris brought Anne a Golden Retriever puppy (Kelly) for her birthday and this was the beginning of his great love of dogs.  Kelly met her future husband Robbie at obedience class and from their litter of puppies came Buster, Anne and Chris’s first show dog.  It was while (Unsuccessfully!) showing Buster they fell in love with showing and this started one of Chris’s greatest passions.  Anne & Chris kept Gundogs for several years; Anne fancied a Dachshund but Chris was adamant that they wouldn’t be keeping “one of those small dogs”.  However. After dog sitting Dudley, a standard wire owned by Anne’s cousin, he was converted and Dudley never went home.  Dudley was soon joined by Curtis (Ch Jarthley Wendle Chris and Anne’s first show champion) and many others: and after losing  Kelly and Buster never owned another gundog!


Nathan came along in 1983 and although the human part of the family was then complete, the canine side was far from it!  Over the last 25 Years Chris and Anne have been heavily involved in showing and supporting dachshunds and Chris was the secretary of the Northern Dachshund Association when he died.


Over the years Chris has seen his children grow up, get jobs and move out but still come home for their tea!  Most recently Laura got married and Chris was delighted that he was allowed out of hospital for the day.  His battle with his illnesses was no secret: in 2000 Chris was diagnosed with a brain tumour which he fought bravely for the last 10 years.  He had remained so positive during operations, radiotherapy, hospital stays and his latest illness (heart failure) and he was adamant that they wouldn’t beat him.  Sadly, this was not to be and Chris died suddenly on 26 January 2010 aged just 54.  One of Anne’s greatest regrets is that he will never get to see his first grandchild when David and Jodie’s baby is born in July this year.  Chris lived his short life to the full and will be sadly missed by many, but through his family and dogs he will always be remembered.